Roulette Rules Guide

Roulette is relatively new casino game. Other games are known to go back as far as the beginning of 17th century (blackjack) or even further – craps for instance is based on the game that is known to be played during Crusades time. Roulette is said to emerge as a recreating game in 1796. This is quite a popular game and has its peculiarities, although it isn’t considered to be all that sophisticated. This is partially the reason why millions of people love to play it at real casino online- it doesn’t require any special skills or abilities, however has a pretty high entertainment value. Roulette rules, in general, are easy to understand and the only difficulties one might have is memorizing all the different bets, but even all the bet types are pretty self-explanatory. There are a number of Roulette games that have achieved popularity, but the online European Roulette is the most popular in the UK online casino. It features a single zero pocket. The American version of the game also adds a double zero pocket, making it harder to win.

In online casinos all the bets are divided into inside and outside bet. Okay, so what is outside or inside of what? The main part of the roulette table layout is a three by twelve grid, on which the 36 numbers are situated. All the bets that are placed on a number or a small group of numbers (no more than five) are called the inside bets because the chip is physically placed within the border of this table. Around this table there is a series of cells which stand for larger number of numbers – such all reds, or one column, or from 1 to 18. Such bets are placed by putting a chip outside the main grid and that’s why they are called the outside bets.

There are a couple of major differences between American and European roulette rules. Of course, there is an extra zero spot in the American roulette, however the differences can be found mostly in the types of bets. According to American roulette rules there are three additional types of bets: bets on the first four (00, 1, 2, 3) and first five (0, 00, 1, 2, 3) and a quatro bet, which is a bet on a quarter of all numbers (1-9, 10-18, 19-27 or 28-36). In addition, in American version, if the ball lands on either of the zero pockets all even money bets (the ones with payout ratio 1:1) only lose half of the bet.

Basically, if you are going to play online, for example on, knowing just the roulette rules and payouts would be enough, however if you are planning on visiting a land-based gambling establishment then you will need to get a good hang of the game terminology, since in casinos croupiers mostly use special words (some of them are in French) and phrases to lead the game. The first-timers usually have a hard time understanding what’s going on and barely follow the game. It would be a good idea to check out some roulette sites to get the basic terms down. The last thing you want to do at the roulette table is sit and wonder what is it that the dealer wants from you – you’ll surely want to concentrate on the game.